Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

OEM Screen CarPlay/Android Auto

The question we are always asked is: "Aren't all decoders the same?"

Sadly not, there are a lot of cheap units available around for around the £180 mark from retailers on AliExpress & similar sites, we have tested every single unit from the main sellers on AliExpress extensively and every single unit has fallen far short of the quality and longevity you would expect. In testing, these units lasted on average 3 months before developing major faults. Our units are still going strong after 18 months and we actively release new software when it becomes available, the latest of which added wireless android auto onto existing hardware, free of charge too.

Having spent many hours testing, fitting & reworking the CarPlay/Android Auto systems out there I have chosen just 1 supplier for each type. Both units can be DIY fit with Product 1 taking around 90mins, Product 2 around 150mins.

The key variants are on how they fit into the current cars system;

Product 1: Integrates fully & is completely hidden meaning you would not know its there until the CarPlay is switched on. Utilises all existing controls, screens (Touchscreen overlay for Concert units only), hardware and is a box which sits inbetween the head unit and car wiring. This unit addshandsfree calls, music streaming Wireless Apple CarPlay, Wireless Android Auto & screen mirroring.

Product 2: Replaces the OEM screen with a touchscreen tablet, includes SIM slot, SD card slot, built in maps, apps, split screen, you can load apps from the Google Play store such as Carista, VAG DPF etc. to integrate them all into the existing car system. Whilst there is no cutting of wires required to install this, some modification is required for the screen surround to fit the tablet mount.  

Product 2 Update: Android 10.0 is shipping as standard on units now, 10.25" 1920x720 IPS screen, RAM 4Gb, HDD 64Gb, 8 core 2.2GHz processor, BT 4.0, supports: Wired CarPlay integrated into the unit, Android Auto*, Bluetooth calls/streaming, Wi-Fi (can connect to or be used as Wi-Fi hotspot)*, GPS, DVR & Rear View Camera Input, Mirror Link, Steering Wheel Control, OBD, TPMS, DAB+, 360 cameras.

*please check the items listing in the store for full functionality requirements as some add on units may be required

Product 1 - after installation

Product 2 - after installation

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